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Hi, there's a couple of nude pictures here, I want to first mention the picture
I found recently at a Dutch website by doing a google search for "nude mature
women" in "google images" of what is in my own belief perhaps the most beautiful
naked body of a woman I have ever seen or even imagined perhaps. She radiates
human beauty of the spirit as well, in my own mind, as I imagine her to be actually,
and that is especially what caught mainly my eye, and certainly, without a doubt the
greatest curves and features including how the "V" looks in particular to me! (a
soulmate I submit) wow! what glory! Hope to meet her someday and many more
like her I pray! (I'm a hopeless romantic after all - and forever more a sworn bachelor).

The other picture is a bit of a spoof no doubt. Its a nude I took of myself while holding
a $20 logitec mini camera in one hand. It makes me look much more largely endowed than I
normally could imagine ever looking like again - must have been a trick of photography
or something - no doubt - looks unnaturally huge - don't know why it looks as it does
in this take - but then it does speak figuratively and cues in a message in a testament as
to my capacity for giving care and love in the most powerful spirit of unlimited proportions -
which is my own true endowment on the planet I say. In that regard I may just be the hugest
(I honestly believe). I am normally sized in actual fact, I assure you and would only give away
a true picture of myself in this respect to a gal I shared intimacy with on merit - rather than
too indiscriminately on the net perhaps.

enjoy the picture in good taste of this deliciously looking beautiful gal in any event
(if you are deservingly of her sort that is, I hope) - wow!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
Leader - Euro Humanist Movement
founder http://michaelrizzoxxx.com