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A Zanzibar Strip Club
in Toronto Canada
Zanzibar tavern

Strip joints such as the zanzibar Tavern and strip club
in Toronto's downtown Yonge Street location section
can be made to serve a real human need and indeed
did so in my case alone in any event a decade or so ago 
now when i came in for a few lap dances in their VIP room
and had an intimate time of it in a few short moments with
beauty from the American side of the family along with the
loveliest of gals from throughout Europe (Western parts
in the main I would say) Best eight hundred bucks I ever
spent - hands down- without a doubt! In fact I went back
a week later to give an Irish gal there (seemed like an
American sort of canuck who coulda been on IBMs
professional sales team - supremely christianly minded
she was too - an extra $350 tip as i hadnt enough on me
when I was previously there to partake of her spirit
in a manner as to do better justice to her.

Anyway, this sort of outlet only for merited folks in
respect to who are all involved of course.

the effects last a lifetime I submit.

It does seem that with a change in ownership the
appeal has gone away as the gals of my own liking
were visibly absent in what was an empty place where
folks could no longer just take a seat and watch a nice
gal on stage doing an appealing strip dance, while waiting
for the gals to come around with an invitation to a
visit to the VIP room for those seeming like the
gentlemany sort with right minded thinking on such
matters in our country now i should submit in my
view on things.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
founder http://michaelrizzoxxx.com