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PS although adult content movies are only generally made
 with 18+ females involved (depending on the jurisdiction one would suppose, it is in fact foolhardy to label a man as a
consumer of "child porn" etc if a person who would be
considered mature enough as to become legally married
under the laws as constituted in the said jurisdiction, it is
in fact insane to do that to someone viewing a clip involving
 a 17 year old female for instance , who is in fact married -
or able to be so, in what maturity of mind must be clearly
then in evidence - an abhorrent crime as involves "child
porn" attribution should in fact be exactly that - involving
a minor of an age prohibited to engage sexually by reason
of lack of mental and spiritual development as it were - in
the mind of a sane, humane and christianly spirited person rather than a "bible thumper" with little else to show. Just
 look at the record of actual child abuse within the church!
Why does it go on, speaking as an institution with claims
even to tax exemption and setting moral codes and codes
 of behaviour all the way to even restricting birth control
of normal human beings, while sanctioning homosexual preference in the picking of their own priests as decried
 by British novelist Comedian Mr. stephen Fry (visit our
own added site at eurohumanist.org).

where there is lack of proof in the area of
"mens rea" and additionally "actus reus" in regards to sexual abuse, the
law already holds that one hasn't been proven guilty beyond
a reasonable doubt certainly too in respect of actually
decent characters in the situation, so accused nonetheless.

Michael Rizzo Chessman - Human Rights Crusade

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Erotic images  of women by (the late) Artist Steve Hanks
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 on the net)

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Selected nude or just topless images of beautiful of our spirited

The "perfect 10" in my own perfect choices below:
Ms. Britney Spears looking lovely indeed dear
the lovely spirit of Ms. Britney

Spears of the good old USA of
times gone-byE (Click here)

along with:
(Links following each image below)

dear cybill!!
#1 full nude photo pick -
Ms. Cybill Shepherd


Kaley Cuoco

born with her own truest sanity!
Ms. Kaley Cuoco

Dearest Ms. Kate Upton

Ms. Kate Upton with the loveliest
"american sexy dance routine"

Ms. Megyn kelly (Ind)
Ms. Megyn Kelly
(click here)

Dear Ms. martha MacCalum
Ms. Martha Maccallum
(Fox news with both
intellect plus beauty!!)
(click here)

Ms. Sharon Stone - wow!!!!!! (DANKE!!)
Ms. Sharon Stone

Ms. Naomi Watts

Ms doutzen-kroes



the fantastic sexy looking full
body of Italy's blonde spirited
popular singer Madonna

a young eligible seeming Ms. Melanie Griffith

Quintessential warmth pick

Ms. Melanie Griffith

Dear Ms. Kate Winslet
Breathtaking topless pic -

Ms. Kate Winslet

Ms. Katherine Jenkins!!
lovely pics of

Ms. Katherine Jenkins
- fully topless!!

Ms. Jessica Lange
Ms. Jessica Lange -

beautiful, nourishment

kim basinger

Ms. Kim Basinger pics -
beautiful with spirit

Leann Rimes

dearest ms leann rimes
- topless thrills!!

Ms Joss Stone

English charmer Ms. Joss Stone


Supreme humanly spirited beauty of
Australia - Ms. Olivia Newton John

Dear Ms. Erika Eleniak
Ukrainian German
supreme beauty
Ms. Erika Eleniak

(top Playboy magazine pic)

Ms. Helene Fischer
Russian German bombshell
 Ms. Helene Fischer

Mme Marion Le Penn
Snr EU advisor
mme Marion Le Pen

Michelle Pfeiffer
dear Michelle Pfeiffer
- topless - wow!

Zanzibar Stip club - thumbnail image
A passing comment on the Zanzibar strip joint still in Toronto Canada D/T section